February 23, 2024

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Seven things you should know about Jamaica

Here are seven things you should know about Jamaica:

  1. Jamaica is a country that speaks English. This language is often mixed with local expressions. The other language, which is patois, is spoken by everyone there, and many persons from all over are fond of it.  Great phrases like” small up yourself” often use when trying to get more people in a taxi or bus. “Weh yuh a seh,” meaning what are you saying. “Mi soon come,” meaning I will be there soon. However, some people use this expression when they could be planning to come the next day.  Local Jamaican patios are rich in expression, and if they plan to spend a long time on the Island, its recommended to learn some of it.
  2. Rastafarians are from Jamaica. On your visit to Jamaica, you are sure to come upon many of the Rastafarians as there religion is all about their home in Jamaica and their forefathers land in Africa.
  3. Most Jamaicans are Christians or have some religious background. People are actively involved in their religious beliefs and practices. These would include the seventh day Adventist, which represents a vast majority. Jamaica has the most churches per capita in the world.
  4. Jamaica is the home of the famous reggae music and dancehall. This county is home to many popular entertainers like Bob Marley, Shaggy, Chronixx, and Sean Paul.
  5. There is also a great variety of cultural dances in Jamaica. These dances would have come from Africa and then modified by the Jamaicans to create their style.
  6. There is also the importance of plays in Jamaica. Many Jamaicans like to go to the theater and watch popular plays. Some of the play stars would include Oliver Samuels.
  7. Jamaicans are also interested in literature. They have had many writers in the past, and many persons have small libraries in their homes. One significant thing to keep in mind is that the county and the people of Jamaica are very fond of sports and sporting events. They enjoy sports such as cricket, soccer, netball, swimming, and athletics. Some popular games are also played at bars and pubs such as the popular domino game. If you don’t know about this game, make sure you find out about it before entering the local bar.